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News archive


21-14 November 2017. Alicia S. Arroyo and Konstantina Mitsi present their work in the iBOL2017 conference in South Africa.

18-20 October 2017. Iñaki attends the EMBO membership meeting in Heidelberg, Germany.

EMBO Meeting 2017

15-18 October 2017. Iñaki, David, Edu, Michelle and Xavi present their work in the EMBO comparative genomics conference in Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

7 October 2017. Maria and Konstantina participate as volunteers in the PRBB open day.

October 2017. Alberto and Andrej spend two weeks in the lab of our friend Hiroshi Suga.

September 2017. Núria, Aleksandra and Sebas spend two weeks in the lab of our friend Hiroshi Suga.2017-09-15-PHOTO-00000839

September 2017. Our explanation on what Capsaspora is and its biological importance now published in Current Biology.

8 September 2017. We welcome John McCutcheon from U. Montana who will be with us this academic year as a sabbatical.

8 September 2017. Our analyses on environmental single-cell genomes of the choanoflagellate Monosiga brevicollis published in Scientific Reports.

4 August 2017. Núria wins second prize to the best poster at ICOP 2017 in Prague. Congrats Núria!

1-4 August 2017. Iñaki, Sebas, Michelle, Xavi, David, Helena, Núria, Aleksandra and Alberto attend and present work in the XV ICOP 2017 protist meeting.

27 July 2017. Our description of the new genus Parvularia published online in J. Euk. Microbiol.

21 July 2017. Our manuscript on genomic innovation in the ancestry of animals published in eLife.

12-19 July 2017. Núria, Alicia and Alberto teaching molecular tools to understand marine diversity to young students from the Barcelona International Young Science Challenge (BIYSC).

7 July 2017. Xavier defends his PhD at University of Barcelona. Congrats Xavi!


26 June 2017. Núria awarded with the Prevosti Prize to best oral talk at Jornada Biologia Evolutiva today at Barcelona; congrats Núria! 


1 June 2017. Iñaki appointed vice-director of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology. 

15 May 2017. Konstantina attends singek ITN workshop in Uppsala.

15 May 2017. Jon Brate, from University of Oslo, is visiting us.

10 May 2017. Our review on animal origins published online today in Nature Review Genetics.

2 May 2017. Edu leaves for a research stage at Eric Bapteste’s lab.

28 April 2017. Alex de Mendoza is visiting us.

24-27 April 2017. Konstantina attends EMBO course Tree building: advanced concepts and practice of phylogenetic trees, in Faro.

20 April 2017Rosa Fernández (CRG) visits us for a day.

18 April 2017. We welcome Thibaut Brunet, from Nicole King’s lab, who is visiting for a month.

2-4 April 2017. Maureen O’Malley and Jeremy Widemann visit us.

1 April 2017. We welcome Omaya Dudin, postdoctoral researcher, to our team.

27 March 2017. Iñaki visits Eric Bapteste‘s lab.

24 March 2017. Konstantina attends the 2017 MCAA conference in Salamanca as part of the SINGEK ITN.

Konstantina Mitsi

3 March 2017. Konstantina in the ITN ScienceSlam Barcelona final; talking about single cell genomics, diversity and protists.

21-25 February 2017. Alicia and Konstantina attend course on metabarcoding.


22 February 2017. Núria Ros interviewed for BISCY by youthscience.

Núria interviewed BISCY

27 January 2017. Simonetta Gribaldo visits us.

18 January 2017. Iñaki presents at the PRBB.

January 2017. Konstantina attends the course on genomics in Cesky Krumlov.

20 December 2016. Iñaki presents at the ICREA Colloquium on managing ERC grants.

16 December 2016. Iñaki gives a talk in the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona.

12 December 2016. Konstantina gives a talk for the course “Animal Biomonitoring” of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

2 December 2016. Alicia presents our outreach project of the tree of life in the International conference of Cinema and Scientific Images.







27-30 November 2016. Konstantina 
and Alicia attend the 2nd Eukref workshop to annotate 18S of microbial animals.

EukRef 2016

EukRef 2016

17 November 2016. Helena Parra on a research stage with our friends at Nick Brown’s lab.

14 November 2016. We welcome Michelle Leger, who joins the lab as a postdoctoral researcher.

26 October- 3 November 2016. Andrej Ondracka attends CSH course on Computational and Comparative genomics.

20-21 October 2016. Arnau Sebé-Pedrós is visiting us.

17-18 October 2016. We held our annual lab retreat, this time in Can Valldaura.

MCG lab retreat 2016

MCG lab retreat 2016

MCG lab retreat 2016










15 October 2016. Our paper in proteomics Capsaspora and the origins of animal phosphosignaling and cell differentiation published in Developmental Cell.

11 October 2016. Matija Harcet presents our work in the Capsaspora Nme gene (a metastasis suppressor) during the NDPK2016 conference in Croatia. 

1 October 2016. We launch our new, redesigned, webpage with more information and new features.

28 September 2016. Our  diversity survey of Acoelomorpha, including finding of new clades of acoels,  now published in Biology Letters.

16 September 2016. In our effort to continue unfolding the diversity of the opisthokont protists, we welcome Konstantina Mitsi a new PhD student within the SINGEK training network in single-cell genomics.

15 September 2016. Congrats to Sebas who got an EMBO short term fellowship to travel to Linas Mazutis’s lab at the Institut of Biotechnology at Vilnius University, Lithuania.

13 September 2016. Anna Trigos from PeterMac lab is visiting us to interact in the question of multicellularity and cancer.

12 September 2016. Alberto Pérez presents his work in 2016 European Meeting of PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology.

6 September 2016. Alberto Pérez and Xavier Florenza successfully defended their master thesis at the Universitat de Barcelona.

29 August 2016. Our review on T-box evolution now published in Current Topics in Developmental Biology.

29 July 2016. Iñaki presents at the europe evo-devo conference in Uppsala.

21 July 2016. Núria, David and Xavi trainers for the young scientists #BIYSC with the project “Uncovering the hidden diversity of the oceans“.

20 July 2016Helena Parra is on a research stage at Nick Brown’s lab.

7 July 2016. Sterol metabolism in Capsaspora with animal and fungi-like features published today in Open Biology.

4 July 2016. We welcome María Buendía and Marta Ledesma, two students of Microbiology that will spend the summer with us.

27 June 2016Helena presents at the Jornada de Biologia Evolutiva in Barcelona.

16 June 2016. Our Cell paper featured today in a news and views article in Nature wrote by Nicole King and David Booth.

7 June 2016. Congrats to Alberto who gets a scholarship from La Caixa to do the PhD in our lab

7 June 2016. Helena, David, Matija, Sebas & Xavi all presenting in the Protist 2016 meeting.

1 June 2016. Yet again, we increase our workforce to unravel the origins of animals. We welcome Andrej Ondracka, who joins the lab as postdoctoral researcher.

20 May 2016. Our view on the role of simplification in evolution published today online in Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

19 May 2016. Our work featured in El País.

9 May 2016. Alicia attends the EMBO course on Computational molecular evolution.

6 May 2016Canal Extremadura Radio features our work.

3 May 2016. Sebas Najle leaves for a research stage at Linas Mazutis’s lab at the Institut of Biotechnology at Vilnius University, Lithuania.

23-24 April 2016. David, Alicia and Meritxell sampling at Lago de Sanabria. We want to perform a metarbacoding analysis to understand the diversity of protists.

22 April 2016. The ERC features our work.

21 April 2016. New results published in Cell on the origins of animals.

13 April 2016. Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo is offering a public talk about the transition to multicellular organisms.

1 April 2016. The lab keeps growing, we welcome Aleksandra Kozyczkwska, who joins us as lab technician.

30 March 2016Nick Brown comes back to the lab, a year later, for a 2-week visit. Welcome back!

2 March 2016. Our collaboration with Gemma Marfany published in 2.

2 March 2016Takaaki Kai, from Suga’s lab at Hiroshima University, comes for a 1 month visit.

1 March 2016. We welcome Maria Ferrer, who joins the lab.

23 February 2016. Our collaboration with David Gold and Roger Summons published in PNAS.

19 February 2016Pascal Lapebie visits the lab.

18 February 2016. Checking with digalix team the xTable with a game that reproduces some of the work we do in the lab. The xTable will be featured at CosmoCaixa.

15 February 2016John McCutcheon, from University of Montana, visits the lab.

8-9 February 2016Dan Ritcher, from Roscoff, visits the lab.

8 February 2016. Matija gives a seminar at the master of genetics and genomics of the University of Barcelona.

4-5 February 2016. Iñaki attends the kick-off meeting of the ITN network “Singek” based on single-cell genomics to unravel the hidden diversity of microeukaryotes.

1 February 2016Michelle Leger, from Dalhousie University, visits the lab.

26-29 January 2016Alicia, Sebas, Maria, Iñaki and Cristina attend and present 3 posters at the EMBL conference “A New Age of Discovery for Aquatic Microeukaryotes” in Heidelberg.

22 January 2016Núria Ros got a Boehringer travel grant to visit Mansi Srivastava‘s lab. Congrats Núria!

22 January 2016Aleksandra  Kozyckowska visits the lab.

4 January 2016Omaya Dudin, from Lausanne, is visiting the lab.

28 December 2015. Our opisthokont phylogeny (Torruella et al. 2012) among the MBE Citation Classics (2016 Edition).

17 December 2015Arnau Sebé-Pedrós gets “accessit” to XIX Claustre de Doctors Awards to best University of Barcelona PhD thesis 2012-2013.

27 November 2015Iñaki presents at the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas, Madrid.

16 November 2015. We welcome Maria Rubio and Cristina Aresté, joining our lab and Elena Casacuberta‘s lab for the Moore Foundation project on model organisms.

11 November 2015Iñaki gives a talk at the Developmental Biology Seminar Series, University of Cambridge.

23 October 2015. Iñaki presents at the XII Jornada d’Avenços en Ecologia in Blanes.

18 October 2015. Talks by Iñaki, Xavi and Arnau on the EMBO meeting of eukaryotic genomes.

15 October 2015. Talks by Iñaki, Xavi, Núria, Sebas and Arnau on the spongex meeting. Posters by Matija and Helena.

5 October 2015. Our manuscript on RNA-seq of Creolimax published in eLife.

12 October 2015. Our review on Acoelomorpha published in Organisms, Diversity and Evolution.

5 October 2015Lab retreat.

3 October 2015. The lab participates in the PRBB Open Day

1-2 October 2015. All the lab attending the IBE retreat. And we welcome Alberto Pérez Posada, new master student.

17 September 2015Alex de Mendoza received the PhD extraordinary prize of the University of Barcelona.

10 September 2015. Our phylogenomic analysis of the opisthokonts now published in Current Biology.

10 September 2015. We welcome Edu Ocaña, new PhD student.

9 September 2015. Iñaki attending the potential launch of UniEuk, a universisal eukaryotic taxonomy/database.

22 July 2015. We move the lab to the PRBB.

15 July 2015. We welcome Alicia Sánchez, who joins the lab as a PhD student

7 July 2015. Iñaki participates in the “From complex to simplex” symposium at the “International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB)” meeting in Montréal, with Maureen O’Malley and @Jgwideman #evolution

6 July 2015. We welcome Xènia Pérez, from UAB, who will spend the summer with us.30 June 2015. We welcome Xavi Florenza, who joins de lab as a master student.

23 June 2015David López-Escardó presents at the “Jornada de Biologia Evolutiva” at Barcelona.

17 June 2015Iñaki presents at the “choanoworkshop 2015” at Roscoff.

15-18 June 2015. David attends the single-cell genomics workshop at Bigelow.

8 June 2015. Arnau Sebé-Pedrós leaves the lab after 6,5 years. Thanks and good luck Arnau!

2 June 2015. Origin and evolution of lysyl oxidases.  Our new paper, a collaboration with Fernando Rodriguez-Pascual.

5 May 2015. Tom Richards, University of Exeter, is visiting us.

15 May 2015. Xavier Grau-Bové presents his PhD project at the Department of Genetics, UB.

5 May 2015. Jon Brate from University of Norway is visiting the lab today.

4 May 2015. Andrej Ondracka from Rockefeller University is visiting the lab.

27 April 2015. Participating in the exposition about model organism at the Residència d’Investigadors del CSIC.

27 April 2015. We are all glad that Nick Brown, from the Gurdon Institute, is starting a sabbatical stage with us.

April 2015. Book on the evolution of multicellularity now published!
See Springer web page

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